Titanium Taskbar

Titanium Taskbar 1.0

Titanium Taskbar allows you to modify Windows Taskbar easily and effectively

Here comes another desktop enhancement for those enthusiasts who are fed up with the regular look of their windows Taskbar. Titanium Taskbar allows you to make Windows Taskbar modifications easily and effectively. Users can add a new look to the regular taskbar on their desktop using this wonderful software tool Titanium Taskbar. Some of the striking features which makes this software worth noticing and trying are as follows: Firstly users can very easily change the look of the start button on the taskbar. They can add a custom option to it and can even toggle the icon of the regular windows start button. Furthermore, custom color schemes can be used to customize the start button. Titanium Taskbar also gives you an option to change the colors in the taskbar according to your choice. Even the running programs can be configured in terms of their custom colors and fonts. Similarly the same customization can be made for the tray icons. This customizaton of tray Icons is not supported in Windows Vista.
The date and time can also be given a soothing and cool look by customizing their colors and fonts. A custom format can also be provided so that the date and time are displayed in a format which is most comfortable and useful for the user.
This software is really a good choice if one wants to change the look and feel of his taskbar. This software is a freeware.

Neeraj Joshi
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